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Welcome to Babes-in-the-Hood

These Parrot Hoody's are part of 'BABES IN THE HOOD' range by Starvin Marvin Designs. Made in Scotland UK.
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Contact us by:

Email:  babesinthehood@hotmail.com

Landline phone:  01651871961

Mobile phone:     07903770367

Our hoody's fit easily onto your parrot, they do not restrict movement.  Birds can play and fly.  Ideal for wearing over a harness for day trips or just looking cute!

Buy one, get your camera out and show off the coolest avian pet around.

We can offer you a variety of feather protectors for your much loved pet as well as shoulder guards for you.

Sizes we offer are the following:
Petite fits Quakers and Sinegal Parrots.
Small - fits Timneh, Small Cockatoo, sized birds.
Medium - fits all African Grey Congo, Amazon, Galah, Medium Cockatoo sized birds.
Large - fits all Large Macaws, Large Cockatoo sized birds.

The variety of fabrics are Poly cotton and Fleece.

We can do Customer Designs.

All our hoodies, feather protectors and shoulder guards are available in different colours and prints. Navigate over the image and click Details Button to find out more about an item.


We are happy to introduce you our New Collection of Embroidered Hoodies and Football Club Hoodies

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Buy our hoody for your lovely pet, take a picture and email it to us. It will be added to our Gallery.
Make your bird famous!


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