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Hey, everyone! I hope you all got a chance to get your birds out in the sunshine at the weekend. We certainly did . We took 2 of ours out - Phoenix (our 3 year old Yellow Crowned Amazon) and Molly ( our 19 year old rescue African Grey). It was a bit of a scorcher so made sure we packed a nice spray bottle for them. Phoenix had her grey medium size harness on and Molly had her small size black one (she maybe small in size but makes up for that with her big appetite ). Phoenix was on top form with

New blog.


Hi everyone and a very warm welcome to you all.This is the blog section of the Babes in the Hood site. As well as posts by me, you are all welcome to suggest posts of your own if there is anything you would like to mention, feel free to add a comment. Now that the weather has finally started to look like summer, it's time to take all your feathered friends out (safely of course) in their harnesses and hoodies. We have so many brilliant new hoody designs at the moment, including Star Wars, Game o

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