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Chequered Gilet

Waistcoat/Gillet Protector

     We all love our pet-birds and they in return love to sit on our shoulder, and "walk" round the house with us. That is where our new model of Poop Protector Waistcoat becomes handy. Padded all over the shoulders area it is not only protects front and back of your shoulders from bird's poop, it is also a good protection from birds' sharp claws and bites. It ties in front and on the sides what makes it fit everyone. There is as well a little pocket in front of Protector Waistcoat where you can put some treats for your bird.

     Being bored bird eventually will start biting your top. It won't happen if you are wearing a Protector Waistcoat. There are four rings for little toys on it. We can offer you a selection of toys. The toys vary. There are bigger toys for big birds as African Greys or Amazons, and smaller for small birds as Budgies or Parakeets. The Waistcoat Protector goes with one toy.

     There is also a deal for toys. Buy One Get One Free.

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