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We are based in Scotland, The UK. With a range of unique products available, sourced directly from our own designer, this is your one stop web-shop for that something special to make your much loved pet look cute and stand out from the crowd.

For many years now we have bred exotic parrots and we know quite a lot about them.

That is how the idea came to make our little friends look cute and protect their owners' shoulders. They look really cute and cool in the hoodys. Just try it and see yourselves. If you take your bird out with you in winter the fleece ones can protect their little bodies from cold. Some birds pull their feathers out, there are different reasons for them doing it but feather protectors can be very helpful in such situations.  

If you would like to know more about your bird and its habits, please visit our website  http://handrearedparrots.co.uk

For any other requests, please do not hesitate and contact us. 

Email:  babesinthehood@hotmail.com

Landline phone:  01651871961

Mobile phone:     07903770367

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